Why don't you share the Force4DISC experience?

Force4DISC tests are available to everyone. You can share them with whomever you like, either privately or professionally. Each person can take their test individually and read the results digitally or download them in PDF format.
If you are a professional coach, you can use these tests as a resource or as the basis for your work, without needing any official DISC trainer certification or accreditation.
Are you a private individual?
Offer the Force4DISC test to a loved one (or loved ones) who want to get to know themselves better:
1 / You buy a number of credit(s)
2 / You share them with any interested parties
3 / They can then create an account allowing them to use their credit and take the test
4 / They then receive a personal copy of their results
Are you a professional?
Assign the Force4DISC test to the participants in one of your training sessions or workshops:
1 / You buy a number of credits that you can manage
2 / You assign the tests to your chosen candidates
3 / They access their tests directly
4 / You receive a copy of their results and can debrief with them individually
Our illustrated manuals explain how to buy credits and cattribute tests.
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Credit package
One credit = a test for one person
One credit
One credit
One credit to perform one test.
€ 36 incl. VAT (€ 30 excl. VAT)
5-credit package
5-credit package
5 credits to perform tests.
€ 168 incl. VAT (€ 140 excl. VAT)
10-credit package
10-credit package
10 credits to perform tests.
€ 330 incl. VAT (€ 275 excl. VAT)
50-credit package
50-credit package
50 credits to perform tests.
€ 1620 incl. VAT (€ 1350 excl. VAT)
Other products
Mementos x10
Mementos x10
Pack of 10 mementos. The mementos are made up of 4 sections and summarize the characteristics of each DISC profile.
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Discover your DISC profile and benefit from personalized, one-to-one coaching with Élodie Bancelin, a professional coach, trainer and author of the book "Pourquoi on ne se comprend pas?" ("Why don't we understand each other?") published by Editions Larousse.

She'll explain (in French) what the DISC method is, what your profile says about you, how to interpret your results and how to use them in your daily professional and personal life.

To make an appointment, please write to us using the contact form (below) and simply ask about the "DISC 1 to 1 Profile Debriefing" offer.

This pack includes:
  • A one-and-a-half-hour long personalized debriefing (in French)
  • The Force4DISC test
  • A 24-pages report
  • A memento leaflet
  • A signed copy of the book
Price: € 350 excl. VAT
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What type of report do we send?
Everyone who takes the Force4DISC test receives:
  • a digital report, accessible at the end of the test, like these examples
  • a PDF report to download from our website, via your personal account presented like these examples
How can i register or order without making a mistake?
Everything is explained step by step in our and frequently asked questions (FAQ):
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