The strong point of the D.I.S.C.

It allows you to define your personal profile according
to 4 main personality types, which can be summarized in a simple acronym:
The 4 components of your profile
They bring together the significant characteristics of different behaviors, both natural and adapted to a particular context. Usually represented as a wheel divided into quarters, they enable you to visually situate your profile in one or more of these quarters according to the trends your Force4DISC test reveals.
Dominant DISC
A DOMINANT profile can be recognized by:
  • Their positive energy and tenacity.
  • Their ambition and how much they enjoy challenges.
  • Their focus on the objectives ahead.
  • The fact they are straight-talkers and make decisions fast.
Relationships with others:
direct, authoritarian, sometimes aggressive.
Fundamental need:
action and movement.
Influential DISC
We can pick out Influential profiles due to:
  • Their friendly, cheerful, sunny nature.
  • Their interest in fashion and new trends.
  • Their sociability and need for companionship.
  • Their ability to collaborate, persuade and delegate.
Relationships with others:
natural, confident, open.
Fundamental need:
to maintain positive relations with others.
Steady DISC
A Steady profile is appreciated for:
  • Their loyalty, seriousness and determination.
  • Their taste for work well done, without any fuss.
  • Their altruism for loved ones or for a given cause.
  • Their ability to listen, help and ease tensions.
Relationships with others:
warm, discreet, sometimes shy.
Fundamental need:
to be accepted, to evolve in a harmonious environment.
Conscientious DISC
The Conscientious profile is associated with:
  • Their ability to think before acting.
  • Their taste for learning, understanding and looking at things in depth.
  • Their quest for perfection and accuracy.
  • Their autonomy and respect for procedures.
Relationships with others:
cautious, sometimes indifferent and cold.
Fundamental need:
security, trust, no pressure.
You'll notice that profiles in adjacent quarters share some similarities:
  • People with Dominant and Influential natures are generally more extroverted, while those with Steady or Conscientious natures are more introverted.
  • Steady and Influential profiles are similar in the attention they pay to human relationships, whereas Dominants and Conscientious focus more on tasks, even if this means neglecting what's around them.
On the other hand, quarters diagonally opposite each other are very different:
  • People rarely have the authority of a Dominant profile in combination with the discretion of a Steady one.
  • Likewise, the multi-tasking spirit of an Influential profile is rarely combined with the perfectionism of a Conscientious.
Your profile will probably be made up of one or two main components. It is rare to find a profile which draws equally from all four quarters of the DISC.
8 different trends
to nuance your profile.
8 trends
At the end of the Force4 test, you may find your profile has been defined in terms of one main color.
However, it's likely that you will be between colors, to some extent. This will help refine your profile.
If your profile is both
Conscientious and Dominant
You are an Organizer
You always expect the best and aim for perfection in the projects you initiate. Constantly in action, you always bear in mind the risks to be avoided. You know how to challenge your teams, even if it means appearing boorish or insensitive.
If your profile is mostly
You are an Analyzer
Respectful of procedures, you analyze the facts rationally before making any decisions. You are known for acting with prudence and discernment, while respecting the rules. Methodical, you are able to initiate strategies and follow them through without losing focus.
If your profile is both
Steady and Conscientious
you are a Coordinator
Your thoughtfulness and expertise inspire confidence in your team. Attentive, reliable and discreet, you act with diplomacy and humility.
If your profile is mostly
you are a Supporter
You can be counted on to find a consensus and bring harmony to those around you. Your protective and altruistic side soothes resentments. But bottling things up can eventually make you explode.
If your profile is both
Influential and Steady
you are a Facilitator
Empathetic and a good listener, you always do your best to help and take care of others. You're known for your ability to find a way out of any deadlock. However, you may sometimes get side-lined by choosing to stay out of conflicts.
If your profile is mostly
you are a Promoter
Your extensive network appreciates your optimism and cheerfulness. You're a smooth talker, which facilitates your relationships and helps you influence others. But when you go too far, it can be irritating.
If your profile is both
dominant and influential
You are a Motivator
Your go-getter attitude inspires enthusiasm all around you. People follow your hunches and your risk-taking even if, due to taking too much on at once, you don't always see your projects through.
If your profile is mostly
you are a Conductor
You are appreciated for taking firm, swift decisions to meet challenges successfully. You expect a lot of yourself and of others, but your boldness and tenacity pay off.
Natural or Adapted,
what's the difference?
Natural Vs Adapted
It's common knowledge that nobody ever acts exactly the same when they're with family or colleagues, close friends or new acquaintances.
The Force4DISC test distinguishes between two types of behavior: how you are, and how you appear.
Natural behavior
This is the behavior you've developed as you've grown up, due to your upbringing, your environment and your experiences. It's your "private self", which characterizes you and is unlikely to change over the course of your life. It corresponds to how you behave with those closest to you. And of course, when you're under pressure, your true nature can also come to the fore!
Adapted behavior
This means how you behave in a particular situation which requires you to respect given social codes, be they conscious or subconscious. This "public self" is expressed, for example, at work in front of your superiors or customers, or in everyday life with shopkeepers or people you don't know well.
These two complementary styles characterize you
In your Force4DISC assessment, the four components of the DISC are examined in terms of each of these two behavioral styles. This allows you to see which character traits are part of your true nature and which may come to light in a particular context, and how strongly.
Your two superimposed styles highlight the similarities and differences between your Natural and Adapted behaviors. The aim is not to pass judgment, but simply to give you a finer perception of your personality.
6 driving forces
behind your actions
6 motivations
To better understand your behavior, you also need to identify what motivates your choices and decisions.
There are 6 main driving forces that influence our actions. Most people rely on two or three of them, to varying degrees.
Independent and constantly striving for personal success, you like to be recognized for your leadership qualities, your sense of responsibility and your ability to meet your goals.
Main strength:
surpassing yourself.
Helpful and caring, you like to get involved in helping others. You feel useful when you develop their potential, improve their well-being and work towards a form of social justice.
Main strength:
Curious and cultivated, you like to understand and analyze things in order to discern the objective and proven truth. You seek expertise and rationality.
Main strength:
careful thought.
Sensitive to beauty and aesthetics, you like to follow your subjective inspirations to attain personal fulfillment and satisfy your need for coherence in your life.
Main strength:
intuition and creativity.
Pragmatic, you like to control and generate results with a return on investment. You spend time and energy making the most of useful and profitable opportunities.
Main strength:
Fair and driven by ethical values, you choose meaningful actions which aim to improve the world. You need security, control and a framework to guide you.
Main strength: