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The Discovery Test allows you to discover your personality according to the DISC method and to define it in terms of the 4 colors. Through the results you receive at the end of the test, you'll see whether you're naturally Dominant, Influential, Stable or Compliant, and how your behavior adapts to the contexts you encounter.

The Full test goes one step further. In addition to the DISC results, you'll get an in-depth analysis of the trends and subtleties present in your profile, as well as what motivates your choices and actions. The result is a detailed and precise portrait of your personality that provides far-reaching insights into yourself and your reactions in private, social and professional environments.

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Price per test € 9,90 incl. tax € 36 incl. tax
Target Amateur professional
Analysis Standard Complete
Questions 120 120
Test duration 15 min 15 min
PDF report
Digital report
Your profile at a glance
With DISC graphs
In a nutshell
What defines me, what others think of me, my difficulties
In terms of communication
My communication style, some tips for communicating with me
What about in the workplace?
What motivates me as a manager, my professional expectations, how to act with me, behaviors to avoid with me
An initial overview of your profile
What I need, my areas for improvement, my key success factors
The gaps between your natural and adapted behaviors
The words which define you the best
Your motivations
With a motivation graphs
test assignment
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